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  • Centron Telecom attended the 13th China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair
  • Source:Centron Telecom  Released Date:2015-06-19  Author:Administrator  Pageview:10240
  • On 18 June 18 2015, the 13th China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair took place at Fuzhou Strait International Exhibition Center. The total exhibition area was around 100,000 square meters, accommodating approximately 2,300 exhibitors and 14,000 visitors. 
    Revolving around “Made in China 2025”, this exhibition highlighted an extensive display of major products made by leading enterprises in the industry, e.g. intelligent equipment manufacturing, energy-efficient and eco-friendly products, key base materials and latest achievements supported by modern communication and network technology to realize intra-company and business-to-business interconnection. 
    As the wholly-owned subsidiary of Centron Telecom (01155.HK), this time CCTF mainly showcased its IPR-based ARC digital trunking system product, digital frequency division commercial product series and narrowband fusion gateway product. Our staff actively communicated with officers, trade attendees and answered their questions in detail. This event further boosted CCTF’s prestige and influence in the industry and let CCTF know about the counterparts’ advanced products so that CCTF would improve its own product structures and competitiveness.






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