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  • Centron Telecom Successfully Supported the Emergency Communication of BRICS Xiamen Summit
  • Source:Centron Telecom  Released Date:2017-09-08  Author:Administrator  Pageview:7245
  •   3rd-5th Sep, 2017, the ninth BRICS Xiamen Summit and the dialogue between emerging market countries and developing countries were successfully held in Xiamen. Leaders of the BRICS countries and of Egypt, Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan and Thailand etc., gathered in Xiamen and became the focus of the world.

      This communication platform for politics, economic, sports and culture attracted the global attention. As the only supplier of ARC digital trunking communication system for Fujian Radio Management Committee ("Fujian Radio Committee"), Centron Telecom adhered to the spirit of "one step ahead, innovate the future" and based on years of rich practical experience of the private network communication in emergency communication, worked together with Fujian Radio Committee to provide and guarantee a stable and reliable emergency communication of the key core area for Xiamen and its surrounding sea area that successfully supported the BRICS Xiamen Summit. 


      From May 2017, Centron Telecom had upgraded the digital trunking communication system and expanded the original system base station in Xiamen area in order to fully prepare for the Xiamen BRICS Summit. Four carrier frequency base stations were newly installed in the exhibition center and the server of command center of Xiamen Radio Committee was upgraded so as to expand the integrated communication function. This system was aimed at achieving a unified communication among walkie-talkies, satellite phones, IP phones and smart phones, fixed-line telephones, and unified scheduling between audio to video and text messages that had achieved the integration of the technical connection among various types of signals, and guaranteed the effective progress of BRICS Xiamen summit.

      Following the perfect ending of the BRICS Xiamen Summit, Centron Telecom, played an important role of the emergency communication security of this event, successfully completed its task on ARC digital trunking emergency communication private network system that wrote the record of the Group’s history in successful industry application. 

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