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  • CCTF Was Favored by Foreign Customers in ITU Telecom World 2006
  • Source:Centron Telecom  Released Date:2006-12-10  Author:Administrator  Pageview:48340
  • (4 December 2006 - Hong Kong)Centron Communication Technologies Fujian Co.,Ltd(“CCTF”), a leading wireless enhancement solutions provider, was strengthening its presence on the world stage via ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 which runs from 4 to 8 December 2006 at the Asia WorldExpo.Under the main theme of “Service and 3G”, CCTF attracted visitors by its virtual comprehensive solutions platform with a full array ofproducts ranging from antennas, repeaters, passive accessories, remote radio head and OMC software. During the 5-day exhibition, there were so many visitors, including communications experts at home and abroad, and leaders from Ministry of Information Industry. 78 mobile operators from more than 30 countries, like Africa, Middle-east, Latin Americans, South-Asia, Europe and North Asia communicated with CCTF in the exhibition. Visitors expressed their interest in CCTF’ products and appreciated CCTF’s service. They left their contact information, expecting future cooperation with CCTF.

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