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  • Signing Ceremony of the Second Stage of Repeater Project Between Centron Telecom and ETL Held in Laos
  • Source:Centron Telecom  Released Date:2012-04-20  Author:Administrator  Pageview:8534
  • On 19th April 2012, the signing ceremony of the Second Stage of Laos National GSM Network Coverage and Optimization Project between Centron Telecom International Holding Limited (“Centron Telecom”) and ETL (Enterprise of Telecommunications Lao, the second largest mobile operator in Laos) was held in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Under the witness of Mr. Khammouane, chairman of ETL, and Mr. Yi Zhangtao, executive director of Centron Telecom, Mr. Banchong, executive vice-president of ETL and Mr. Qiu Xiaping, deputy general manager of general affairs of Centron Communications Technologies Fujian Co., Ltd (“CCTF”) , a subsidiary of Centron Telecom, signed the 2nd stage cooperation project contract valued at USD 1,530,000.

    Centron Telecom and ETL has been maintaining a friendly and strategic cooperation relationship over the years. Thecontract for the First Stage of National GSM Network Coverage and Optimization Project was signed in April, 2008. Centron Telecom was highly received by ETL through its strong professional technique and excellent service quality. To a large extent, furthercooperation between the 2 parties recognized Centron Telecom’s ability and its international influence in the wireless communication industry.

    In this ceremony, Mr. Yi Zhangtao, executive director of Centron Telecom, expressed, “Centron Telecom focuses closely on the development of mobile communication industry. Centron Telecom has set up more than 30 service branches all over the world, striving to provide customers with more efficient optimization solution and convenient service. Centron Telecom will capture this opportunity to accelerate the development of overseas market and to actively promote brand image and capability”.

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