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  • CCTF Successfully Provided Network Optimization Solutions for Mobile Operator
  • Source:Centron Telecom  Released Date:2006-10-09  Author:Administrator  Pageview:37738
  • Upon the requirements of facilitating the construction of new village, Hubei Branch of China Mobile (“Hubei Mobile”) built a rural network coverage system. Centron Communications Technologies Fujian Co., Ltd (“CCTF”) designed a solution based on the requirements made by Hubei Mobile, and implemented it actively. Before 30th Aug 2006, CCTF finished the testing work of mobile G network in natural villages and roads among them, and also in first-tier administrative villages and main roads among them (roads from villages to towns where vehicles can go through). With deep analysis and research of rural coverage features in large range, Centron designed many optimized solutions with updated technique which were suitable for the rural network coverage. Meanwhile, Centron set up an analysis system on rural network performance monitoring, opening up a fast channel on dealing the rural coverage complaints, grasping the trends all the time and making a fast response.

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