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Centron Telecom International Holding Limited has been committed to serving the public and pursuing the technological advancement of information and communication since incoproation. Presently it has grown rapidly to become one of the innovation-driven leaders in China mobile network coverage and digital private network products. Its diversified operation mode is dedicated to public mobile communication network and private communication network, focusing on network optimization and maintenance, wireless data access and digital intercom and digital trunking.
By means of several years of development, Centron brings in a few hundred R&D talents from Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi’an and overseas as well as several experts in communication field as technology R&D consultant to enhance its R&D and production capability. Our company has been engaged in national key laboratory communication project development and cooperated with world-class colleges and scientific research organizations, so it possesses several core technologies and intellectual property rights and successfully passes the certification of authoritative testing organizations for several products. In its Centron Hi-tech Park in Quanzhou of Fujian province, has the perfect delivery capability of research, development, production, testing, integration, facilities, delivery and services.
With the widespread application of digital trunking technology, many countries and sectors have attached increasing importance to digital trunking network. In private communication network, Centron always keeps in pace with advancing progress of digital communication based on its advantage in public network. In 2010, Centron seized the historic opportunity of analog-to-digital of private communication and follow the guidance of relevant national policies and Quanzhou’s industrial advantage in intercom products, Centron participated in drawing up national standards for ARC digital intercom with Chinese independent intellectual property rights and developed four product series-ARC, PDT, DMR and DPMR with China’s first dedicated SOC chip of digital intercom.
In light of the vision of “One Step Ahead, Create The Future” and by virtue to its quick response, expertise, innovation, Centron consistently provides Chinese mobile communications field with a variety of innovative solutions and explores the future of private communication network from hand-held terminal to digital trunking base station, from digital trunking communication network; furthermore, it continuously utilizes high-tech to serve the needs of national security and public utilities and fulfill the mission of “Created in China”.

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